Same Sex Marriages

gay same sex marriages in cyprus

Same Sex (Gay) Marriages in Cyprus

Cyprus as a destination attracts many couples wanting to tie the knot in a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, why not then attract so many gay couples looking to seal their relationship under the Cyprus sun and dance by the mysterious calls from Goddess Aphrodite …

Although same sex weddings are not currently legal in Cyprus, we can organize a same sex blessing. As many countries, including the UK only allow the civil partnership ceremony to take place indoors, a same sex blessing in Cyprus allows you to have the ceremony in a more romantic setting such as a beachfront luxury villa. It also allows us to create a unique ceremony in the way you would like it.

We can arrange a standard blessing ceremony in English with the exchanging of rings/vows or you can even compose your own ceremony. You can include poems, sayings, and songs that have a special meaning to you both.

So are you the new Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs wanting to celebrate your love in beautiful Cyprus?

Contact us now and find out how you can arrange for you a beautiful same sex blessing in Cyprus!