Cyprus is the ultimate venue for the perfect wedding, with many people opting to marry on ‘The Island of Love’  This is mainly due to the glorious sunshine and stunning locations giving couples the chance to fulfill their dreams at affordable prices.

It is perfectly legal for UK citizens to marry in Cyprus however before you can marry you must meet and produce the following documents:

1) A ten year passport (not due to expire within 6 months)

2) You are required to be a resident in Cyprus for a minimum of three working days before your wedding day (not including weekends or bank holidays)

3) The bride and groom must both have a Single Statutory Declaration (affidavit) confirming that you are free to get married. The affidavit made must be dated less than 3 months before the date on which you return to the UK. This must state the following information:

  • Your full name, exactly as it is stated on your passport or deed poll proof of name change if you have changed your name
  • Your full address
  • A statement that you are a citizen of the United Kingdom
  • A statement that you reside at the address you have given
  • Your current occupation
  • A statement that you are currently single and free to marry
  • Your parents full names, addresses and occupations
  • Your place of birth as stated on your birth certificate
  • Your date of birth as stated on your birth certificate and
  • Your passport number

This affidavit must be issued on a headed paper of the solicitor’s firm, or if issued on a blank paper, must be stamped by the solicitor’s stamp. The solicitor’s stamp must clearly show the name and address of the solicitors office and the word “solicitor”.

Your affidavit must be drawn up in the name that you are officially known by at the present time as evidenced by your passport and all supporting documents must relate to this.

4) Original Birth Certificate showing your parents’ names

5) Original baptism/christening certificate (for church weddings only)

6) If you have changed your name, proof of name change by deed poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor

7) If you were adopted, your original adoption certificate is required

8) If you have been widowed, the original death certificate of your partner along with your original marriage certificate

9) If you have been divorced, your original decree absolute which must be stamped by the court that issued it



Two witnesses over 18 years of age to the marriage will be required under Cypriot law, you will need to provide photocopies of their passports photo page. Please inform us if you need us to arrange this for you